Rental Weatherization

Starting January 1, 1985, most residential rental properties in Wisconsin have had to meet minimum energy conservation standards at the time of ownership transfer. Bottom Line’s Bruce Low is licensed by the State to inspect and certify properties for compliance with the standards. The Register of Deeds in your county will not record the transfer of a property unless:

  • • An inspector has certified the property; or
  • • The buyer has filed a Stipulation (usually signed at closing) to bring it up to Code within a year; or
  • • The property or transfer is shown to be excluded from the Code; or
  • • The buyer has filed a Waiver agreeing that the building will be demolished within two years.

For a better understanding of Wisconsin’s Rental Weatherization Program follow this link

You can see the entire code, SPS 367, at

What happens after you have determined that you need Rental Weatherization Certification?

Contact Bottom Line’s Bruce Low to schedule your initial inspection, after which a one page report will be furnished indicating the work required for code compliance.  If the property passes the initial inspection and no work is required (very rare), the Certificate of Compliance will be issued at the same.

If the property failed the initial inspection, perform the work required for code compliance.  In the event you or your contractors do not fully understand the inspection report, contact Bottom Line’s Bruce Low (920-255-2197) for an explanation.  After completing all of the work, contact Bottom Line’s Bruce Low to schedule your next inspection.  If the property passes the second (and, hopefully, final) inspection, a Certificate of Compliance will be issued.

For issuance of the Certificate of Compliance, Bottom Line Home Inspection requires you furnish the following:

  • • Full Legal Description of the property: and
  • • Parcel Identification Number; and
  • • Stipulation Number (if a Stipulation has been issued)

If a Stipulation exists, furnish Bottom Line Home Inspection with a copy of the fully executed document.  It contains all of the required information, and it will be attached to the Certificate of Compliance.

Bottom Line Home Inspection will furnish the client with the original Certificate of Compliance, and the State of Wisconsin DSPS with a copy.  Note:  It is the responsibility of the client to furnish the original Certificate of Compliance to the Register of Deeds for recording.

What does Rental Weatherization Certification cost?

Contact Bottom Line Home Inspection for a quote as the fee will depend on various property-related factors.  The State, however, regulates the maximum fees that can be charged.  Bottom Line Home Inspection offers a discount when combining the Rental Weatherization Inspection with a General Home Inspection.